Kensington Police Report: Head-on Crash; Sandy Response

Village roundup of police activity for the month of October.

It was a busy month for police and emergency responders in the Village of Kensington in October where long hours and extra duty was the norm as a result of Superstorm Sandy.

According to the village's monthly police report, six Kensington police officers acculmulated a total of 59 overtime hours for the month — with numerous calls reported regarding downed power, telephone and cable lines after Superstorm Sandy struck Oct. 29.

Also in Kensington last month, one person was injured in a head-on collision at the intersection of East Shore Road and Nassau Drive in Kensington Oct. 11 after the driver of one vehicle attempted to make a left turn in front another, according to police.

A Beverly Road resident reported an attempted identity theft to police Oct. 19.

Fire crews responded to an alarm of fire Oct. 3 at 3 Beverly Rd. A faulty smoke detector was reported as the cause of the alarm.

Firefighters responded to an Arleigh Road home after a tree had fallen onto the residence during Hurricane Sandy.

Assistance was given to Great Neck Estates Police Department 22 times, and received from Great Neck Estates Police Department nine times, according to police, according to police.

Nineteen active alarms were reported by police during the month, all were found to be false burglar alarms.

 Police issued 41 violations during October including, 17 stop sign violations; 11 speeding violations; two one way street violations; one red light violation; one cell phone violation; one improper left turn violation; one U-turn violation; two unlicensed operator violations; three uninsured motorist violations; and two equipment violations.

Twelve parking tickets were issued including, one no parking anytime violation; one no parking from 2-6 a.m.; and 10 parked in excess of two hours violations.

Sixteen homes were reported vacant during the month by police.

No burgaries were reported in October.

Miscellaneous incidents:

  • High visibility patrol was performed on Halloween, and after dark each night that power was out due to damage caused by storm.
  • Numerous welfare checks of residents at the request of worried relatives and friends were conducted, all were found to be in good stead, or to have vacated their homes until power return.
  • Numerous suspicious persons and or vehicles were reported during the blackout. All were investigated and identified when found. Many were residents walking home in the darkness.
  • The interior of an Arleigh Road home was searched at the request of the homeowner who was out of town. Found to be fine.
  • A snow storm Oct. 30 caused trees and tree limbs to fall into the roadways. Snow plows were called out to move the snow. Several new downed lines calls were received, and investigated. 
  • Numerous residents were assisted with information in cases where a neighbor’s tree had fallen into their property.
  • Department of Public Works reported a suspicious vehicle in the park. One person found to have a valid reason for being there, according to police.
  • A resident was advised of complaints and rectified the situation regarding a large party on Nassau Drive. Traffic cones were placed near the event by police to control parking.
  • An ongoing divorce situation on Nassau Drive required police presence, when one spouse assumed the other had removed personal property from the home and into the car. Consent to search the vehicle was received and accusation was found to be unfounded by police.
  • A New York City cab driver was assisted with a disorderly fare on Beverly Road.
  • A mother/daughter dispute was settled at a North Drive home.
  • Department and police headquarters were given a “surprise” New York State Department of Labor inspection. Some minor issues that need addressing were found, according to police.
  • A loose dog was reported on Nassau Drive but got away before officers arrived.
  • An unidentified New York Youth Group going door to door were checked for compliance with village ordinances.
  • A Nassau Drive resident with health issues was assisted off the floor on several occasions throughout the month.
  • A Nassau Drive physician expressed security concerns due to publicity about work. Extra vigilance in the area of the home was maintained, according to police.
  • A report of a strong odor of gas on Arleigh Road was investigated and found to be due to National Grid work on Allenwood Road.
  • Town of North Hempstead Animal Control was advised of an incident where a dog from North Drive was bitten by another dog from Arleigh Road in the area of the Village Green.
  • Several calls regarding the sound of explosions were found to be due to a fireworks display over Manhasset Bay.
  • A Nassau Drive resident was assisted with a key from headquarters for entry into their home.
  • A complaint about a flagman on Nassau Drive was rectified.
  • Extra directed patrols were performed during the holy days due to a large amount of pedestrians, according to police.

Aided Cases:

Oct 11: A male Kensington Gate ressident was transported to North Shore Hospital for treatment of a severely bleeding leg.
Oct. 11: A male resident of Great Neck was removed from a physician’s office on East Shore Road suffering with chest pains and diarrhea.
Oct 11: A female resident of Great Neck was removed to North Shore Hospital from an accident scene on East Shore Road suffering with face and head pain, due to the deployment of airbags during the accident.
Oct. 12: A female resident of 1 Kensington Gate was transported to North Shore Hospital for assistance with a malfunctioning pacemaker.
Oct. 13: A male resident of 1 Kensington Gate was transported to North Shore hospital due to hip pain which was caused by a fall in his house.
Oct. 13: A male resident of Beverly Road was transported to North Shore Hospital for treatment of chest pains.
Oct. 23: A male resident of North Drive was transported to North Shore Hospital suffering with an infection associated with ongoing medical issues.


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