Kensington Police: Incident Report

Monthly police activity for the village in November.

Kensington police continued to deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy with approximately 95 percent of the village blacked out at one point early in November.

Police say a high visibility directed burglary patrol initiative was put in place after dark each night until the power was restored to the village.

The area was hit by a nor’easter snowstorm Nov. 7. Numerous tree limbs and power lines were reported down.

With an uptick of burgalries reported north of the village, Kensington police performed directed patrol during evening and night hours.

No burglaries or lacrcenies were reported in Kensington in November

Miscellaneous Incidents:

  • Officers responded on a multitude of welfare checks of residents, many of them elderly, at the request of out of town relatives and friends.
  • Officers responded to locations of power lines down and tree limbs down on homes. All power line and black out information was forwarded to Long Island Poswer Authority, when they were accepting calls.
  • Assistance was given to Great Neck Estates Police Department at gas stations on their post due to problems arising because of reported gasoline shortage, and disturbances on gas lines. Situation seemed to abate as odd/even rationing was put in place, and power began to be restored.
  • Residents without power were assisted in getting in and out of their garages each day, until power was restored.
  • A report of two disgruntled motorists reportedly fighting in front of headquarters was investigated. No criminality involved, cross complaints. Identification was taken and both parties were sent on their way.
  • Officers responded back to headquarters to await a person who called to state that he was en-route to Kensington headquarters to, for want of better terminology, beat up the officer working. Subject evidently thought better of the idea and failed to show.
  • A North Drive resident was assisted after becoming distraught when her 22-year-old daughter left home for the evening. Situation was calmed and adjusted.
  • A Sutton Court resident reported seeing flashlights at an elderly neighbor’s home which scared her. Lights found to relatives removing the resident to better accommodations to wait out the blackout.
  • Assistance was given to a North Drive resident who felt that she was having a breakdown in the aftermath of the hurricane. Resident escorted home and assisted with issues within the home to attempt to make things more comfortable. Resident was visited by officers regularly, just to check in, until power was restored.
  • Polls were opened and closed at the Village Hall on Election Day.
  • A Sutton Court resident was assisted when she returned home and found front door unlocked and open. Interior and exterior of the home was searched; no entry of the home was detected. Door possibly left unlocked inadvertently.
  • A report of a suspicious person in a van possibly tapping phone lines on Gilchrest Road was investigated and found to be Cablevision personnel powering up cable lines remotely.
  • Snow storm created more calls for tree limbs down on power lines, etc. LIPA advised of all new information.
  • Great Neck Water Authority notified of water gushing from ground in the rear of a North Drive residence. Also advised of primary power line in the water. They will respond when safe to do so.
  • Arleigh Road was checked for heavy smoke condition. Found to be due to a resident burning unseasoned wood in their fireplace, attempting to stay warm.
  • The department responded to numerous burglary and fire alarms caused by the resumption of power throughout the Village. All homes in the village were found to be secure.
  • Assistance was given to Great Neck Estates at the scene of a possible attempted burglary. Subject involved was gone on arrival.
  • Several homes were entered by officers, at out of town owners’ request, to turn off lights and close refrigerators, upon the return of power.
  • Assistance was given to GNEPD at the scene of a burglary in progress on Amherst Road. Homeowner confronted the subject who broke away and escaped. Several hours later homeowner spotted the subject once again in the area of his home. Subject fled a second time. PO Nasta responding to assist GNEPD located the subject nearby and held him for arrest by GNE.
  • Several elderly residents were assisted back to their feet or into bed throughout the month.
  • An Arleigh Road resident was assisted after testing their “Life Alert” system. Found to be working correctly.
  • Landscapers were warned about blowing leaves onto other people’s property, all complied with PO directives.
  • Several suspicious auto or persons were investigated throughout the month. All were located and found to be non-suspicious.
  • Assistance was given to the village clerks throughout the month with bank and post office runs. Also with FEMA information.

Auto Accidents: 

  • A two vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Arleigh Road and Gilchrest Road Nov. 19. 
  • A two vehicle collision occurred in front of 211 East Shore Road Nov. 21, when a motorist travelling southbound turned into a vehicle travelling northbound, causing that vehicle to strike the curb and roll over. Both vehicles were towed from scene. Two passengers were transported for medical attention.

Aided Cases:

  • A female resident of Great Neck, visiting a North Drive resident passed out while at that location Nov. 18. Patient regained consciousness and refused transportation for medical assistance.
  • An autistic male resident of Massapequa Park, involved as a passenger in an auto accident on East Shore Road, was transported Nov. 21 to North Shore Hospital for medical evaluation as a precautionary measure.
  • A male resident of Manhasset, involved in an auto accident on East Shore Road Nov.21, was transported to North Shore Hospital for attention to a complaint of back and neck pain


  • Police responded to 13 active alarms during the month, all were found to be false burglar alarms.


  • Officer Nasta detained a subject wanted for numerous burglaries and attempted burglaries in Great Neck Estates.

Aided Cases:

  • Assistance was given to Great Neck Estates Police Department 32 times, and received from Great Neck Estates Police Department 18 times.


  • The Vigilant Fire Company assisted at a reported CO2 alarm Nov. 2 at a Greenacre Court residence. Cause of the alarm was found to be dying batteries in the unit.

Traffic Breakdown:

  • Seven speeding violations.
  • Three stop sign violations.
  • One passed school bus violation.
  • One unsafe passing violation.
  • Two U-turn violations.
  • One blocking intersection violation.
  • Two unlicensed operation violations.
  • One uninsured motorist violation.


  • Eight two-hour parking violations.
  • Two no parking 2 a.m. through 6 a.m. violations.
  • One parked without “K” permit violation.
  • One parked within 30 feet of stop sign violation.

All information provided by the Kensington Police Department.


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