Kensington Police Report: January

Two parked vehicles damaged Jan. 25 on North Drive.

Police say, two legally parked vehicles were damaged Jan. 25 when an unknown vehicle left the scene before stricking and propelling a parked vehicle into another on North Drive. No injuries were reported.

A two vehicle crash occurred Jan. 21 on East Shore Road. No injuries were reported.

A report of computer trespass was taken Jan. 8 from an Arleigh Road resident in relation to an ongoing domestic situation, according to police. 

The Vigilant Fire Department responded to 14 active alarms during the month, all were found to be false burglar alarms.

Assistance was given to Great Neck Estates police 17 times and received from GNEPD five times.

The number of homes reported vacant during the month was was 24. All were found to be secure.

Fire Report:

Jan. 9: The Vigilant Fire Company assisted at a Nassau Drive residence for a reported CO2 detection. Found to be caused by a faulty detector.
Jan. 16: The Vigilant Fire Company assisted at a Nassau Drive residence for a Co2 detection. Found to have been caused by low batteries in the detector.
Jan. 23: The Vigilant Fire Company assisted at a North Drive residence for a report of smoke in the garage. Cause was found to be a faulty garage door opener belt creating smoke when used. Opener was disconnected by officer at scene.


  • Directed burglary patrol was performed throughout the month.
  • Numerous packages/mail/newspapers and penny savers were picked up from vacant homes and secured at headquarters for residents who reported being out of town.
  • Directed patrol was dedicated at school bus stops throughout the month.
  • Paperwork was re-forwarded to 3rd squad detectives regarding a past lewd conduct case, they advise an arrest may be imminent.
  • A tree was reported across the roadway on Greenacre Court after strong wind conditions on Jan. 31. Several other tree limbs were removed from roadways during the storm. Small pockets of sporadic power outages were also reported to Long Island Power Authority for attention.
  • A person was assisted in gaining information regarding eviction proceeding and course of action necessary for such proceedings.
  • A report of a suspicious person in an auto yelling at a youngster on North Drive was investigated. All parties gone upon officer response.
  • An Arleigh Road resident was assisted with a broken water pipe. Water turned off at main, resident awaiting repairman.
  • An Arleigh Road resident was assisted in removing articles that were blocking her vehicle from leaving the garage.
  • A broken stop sign and pole on Nassau Drive at Park Roads was reported to Matt Byers for immediate repair.
  • An Arleigh Road resident reported suspicious noises in her garage. Officer responded and found cause to be feral cats trapped in garage.
  • MTA was advised of slippery roadway conditions at the train station upon the complaint of a passing motorist.
  • A reported suspicious car on North Drive was investigated and found to be a guest of the complainant’s neighbor.
  • Great Neck Estates Police Department was assisted when a disoriented male fell on Middle Neck Road in their jurisdiction.
  • Building department was assisted with information regarding a carting company placing a dumpster in the street on Beverly Road. Dumpster in roadway a short time while switching empty container for a full one.
  • A Beverly Road resident was assisted in gaining entry to their home when locked out without keys.
  • A Nassau Drive resident was advised that their dogs’ barking was causing an annoyance to neighbors. 
  • An Arleigh Road resident’s young daughter at home alone reported two suspicious people at the home on separate occasions. Officer responded and found the first person to be a youthful neighbor selling raffles to support his wrestling team, second was found to be UPS delivering a package.
  • A large group of teens were observed by an officer beginning to congregate at a Nassau Drive home. Owner of home was advised of social host laws and group was dispersed by home owner.
  • A report of a stray dog in the rear of a Nassau Drive residence was investigated. Dog was returned to its rightful owner.
  • A North Drive resident, concerned about the rise in identity theft was advised of options to help safeguard his information.
  • An adult Beverly Road resident was advised to call her worried mother in New York City.
  • A Nassau Drive resident was assisted in gaining entry to their home with a key stored at headquarters.
  • A North Drive resident was assisted in contacting her refuse company for a special pick up.
  • A new Arleigh Road resident, removing trees from his property, was advised regarding the village ordinances involved in the removal and clean up of said trees.
  • A suspicious occupied auto parked on Kensington Court was investigated. Found to be at wrong address, awaiting relative employed as home health aide. Directed to proper location.
  • A North Drive resident, locked out of home was assisted in gaining entry.
  • A report of a vehicle parked sticking out into roadway on East Drive was investigated. Vehicle was gone from scene upon arrival.
  • A report of a suspicious person on North Drive was investigated and found to be a relative of a Greenacre Court resident looking for a taxi. Transported to headquarters and taxi service secured.
  • A report of individuals filming on Nassau Drive was found to be local students working on a school project. No ordinance violations. Completed filming in short order.
  • A reported suspicious person sitting in a vehicle on North Drive was found to be a tutor who arrived too early for scheduled lesson, waiting for student.
  • Park and pool area was checked to verify the removal of a tree company’s equipment as required. All equipment was removed.
  • At building department’s request, a construction site on Nassau Drive was checked for fencing compliance. All was found to be in order.
  • A dispute between a mother and son on Nassau Drive was rectified.
  • A report of a building site on Nassau Drive pumping water into the street was investigated and verified that work had the okay of the building inspector.
  • A Bridle Path resident, concerned that their neighbors' garage door was opened, was advised that all was in order upon officer’s investigation.
  • A resident walking home from services reported not feeling well at headquarters and requested a ride home. Resident secured at their home with family.
  • Village clerk was assisted in getting information to Allenwood Park workmen regarding a downed tree at 55 North Drive.
  • Several bank and post office runs were completed for the clerks.

Traffic Citations:

  • 12 speeding violations.
  • 7 stop sign violations.
  • 1 cell phone violation.
  • 1 one way violation.
  • 3 unlicensed operation violations.
  • 10 uninsured violations.
  • 1 expired inspection violation.
  • 2 equipment violations.

Parking Citations:

  • 7 no parking from 2-6 a.m. violations.
  • 4 two hour parking violations.
  • 3 “K” permit parking only violations.
  • 1 parked on sidewalk violation.
  • 1 blocking driveway violation.

All information provided by Kensington village police.


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