Geller Speaks to Capacity Crowd in Great Neck

Hundreds attend speech at Chabad of Great Neck on Sunday.

Pamela Geller speaks at Chabad of Great Neck, April 14, 2013.
Pamela Geller speaks at Chabad of Great Neck, April 14, 2013.
Hundreds turned out Sunday at Chabad of Great Neck to hear activist Pamela Geller voice her opinion.

Geller, who helped organize the rally against a prosed "Ground Zero" mosque in 2011, was welcomed Chabad of Great offiials after a planned talk at Great Neck Synagogue was cancelled earlier in the week.

Chabad of Great Neck Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky said he couldn't stay silent while "evil was acting" and invited Geller to present her talk: The Imposition of Sharia in America.

"We believe in free speech," said Geisinsky. "We cannot just stay silent, that's the reason we thought it was important."

Geller hailed the event a success.

"I'm thrilled that there' such a large turnout," said Geller after arriving in Great Neck. "That there are freedom lovers that are unafraid to stand up in spite of the campaign to defame smear and liable anyone that speaks to this message."

A Great Neck Synagogue member spoke at the event in support of Geller's message.

"We don't attack a faith," said Jeff Wiesenfeld of the Great Neck Synagogue, who spoke at the event. "We attack a terribly dangerous minority within a faith that unfortunately that faith has not seen fit to sufficiently address."

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A slight police police presence was on hand, but little anti-Geller opposition could be found outside of the event.

One man, standing on East Shore Road nearby, handed out fliers accusing Geller of lying and spreading fear. The man, who identified himself as Muslim, said he wasn't against free speech but was against Geller speaking at a house of worship.

"She has a place on the street," he said.

Also speaking in Great Neck was Greg Buckley, Sr., whose 21-year-old son, Marine Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley was killed in August while serving in Afghanistan. Buckley Sr. is calling for justice in the murder of his son and is seeking prosecution on American soil.

After the Great Neck talk, Geller spoke at a demonstration in front of the Nassau Human Rights Commission in Mineola against, what she says, was a coordinated effort to have her silenced in Great Neck.
Flavorlounge1 April 16, 2013 at 12:55 AM
The speech by Pam Gellar was an incredible success. Many people showed up because they were outraged that Ms.Gellar's freedom of speech was being silenced. Worse was that those who wished to hear her at the Greak Neck Synagogue were being deprived of hearing her.Our rights are being violated by people who wish to decide for us who is a bigot and who we may listen to .I don't appreciate people telling me who I can or cannot listen to.It is none of anybodies business. If you don't like her don't go,mind your business and leave us alone!We don't try to cancel the speechs of those we don't agree with.But it worked out for the best.The tactic backfired big time.
JudithW April 16, 2013 at 03:41 PM
Kudos to Chabad of Great Neck for listening to the prophetic warnings of Ms Geller and for standing up for free speech in th USA!
Robert D April 16, 2013 at 09:21 PM
I find it disturbing that this was all about freedom of speech, but they denied freedom of the press, also in the first amendment, at the very same event. Shameful.


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