GN School Officials 'Extra Vigilant and Caring' Monday After Newtown Tragedy

Great Neck Superintendent of Schools Thomas Dolan says district has done all it has been advised to do but will do more regarding safety in the aftermath of the 'horrific' shootings in Connecticut.

Great Neck School District officials say staff members are going out of their way to be extra vigilant and caring Monday following Friday's shootings at a Newtown elementary school — with visible increases to security present. 

In a letter posted on the school district website Monday, Superintendent of Schools Thomas Dolan said while the district already does all it's advised to do regarding security, including single point of entry, identification verification and a human presence at entry points to schools, Dolan said the grim reminder of the Newtown tragedy serves as both motivation and context to re-examine practices now.

"The urge to protect these innocents is a strong one, and right now that desire is simultaneously blunted and enhanced," Dolan said.

Dolan said it is very difficult to look at an elementary student and not feel sadness, anger an frustration following the school massacre where 26 were killed, including 20 children.

"The shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, are so horrific that I am without words," said Dolan. 

At an organizational level, Dolan said he knows what needs to be done and the district is doing it. 

"This weekend I began discussions with our director of security on bringing together building administrators to audit current practices and tweak them as necessary," Dolan said.

District buildings are being organized by principals to be responsive to children's emotional needs according to age and emotional maturity.

"If your child needs assistance beyond what you can offer at this time, please call the school and let us help," Dolan said.


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